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... and quiet epiphanies

a book of poems for all of us

By Nadine McLaughlin,   

 Sample Poem from Life TIMES 
...and quiet epiphanies

If I have died;
and you refuse to live 
because I'm gone,
I die two times.
But, if you take the joy 
I always had in life
and live it for me 
in your own,
And pass it on to others,
then, I'll know
The world will stay
a better place
for I was here awhile.

Look below for what people are saying
about the book....

"Life Times...and quiet epiphanies" is a collection of poems to be read on a quiet, rainy day.  It will nourish your soul.  Perhaps on any day you want to be inspired, enlightened, and enthused about being alive...these poems will do all that and more" ... "I am going to read Epilogue during a presentation I am giving on The Last Taboo, which is of course talking about death.  This writing is truly wonderful, and I will cherish this book for a long time to come."

Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Wellington. Colorado


"Nadine McLaughlin plucks our passing thoughts from the air, then paints them with words reflecting our innermost feelings. True epiphanies."

Caperton Tissol, Free-Lance Writer, Saranac Lake, NY


"McLaughlin makes the reader feel like each poem, each experience, is your own, whether it has already happened to you or may be something you experience in the future."

Britany Bombard, Features Editor, Lake Placid News


"A powerful book of poetic art that comes out of tremendous experience and a great ability to empathize  ...  I love this book"

Barbara Lewis, CEO and Publisher, Fed Flags Daily, Montreal


"One at a time, in quiet moments, I read your poems and enjoy every one.  This morning I decided to skip ahead and try Epilogue ... a beautiful, deeply moving poem."

Ed Kanze, Author and Columnist, Bloomingdale, NY


"The poems portray life so vividly and realistically.  We found the pieces provocative and profound."

Lois and Nat Wells, Hoel Pond, NY


"I loved reading the poems and find them crossing my mind during different times of day as I'm doing different things."

Elizabeth Stone, Teacher and Writer, Salt Lake City, Utah


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